Amy Schneider Is Defeated on ‘Jeopardy!’


After a 40-game streak, she misplaced to a librarian from Chicago, Rhone Talsma, who came out ahead in Final Jeopardy.

Credit…by technique of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

Amy Schneider had a abnormal feeling about that day.

It used to be Nov. 9, and within the first “Jeopardy!” game of the morning, she had surpassed Matt Amodio’s 38-game streak, placing her in second place aside for essentially the most consecutive wins within the present’s historic past. She won the next game handily.

Nevertheless she had reached her purpose of beating Amodio, and her subsequent critical purpose — surpassing Ken Jennings’s 74-game document — used to be some distance away.

“The fatigue of this taping used to be if truth be told beginning to add up,” she acknowledged in an interview on Wednesday. “I couldn’t indicate it, even to myself, nonetheless I unbiased may per chance if truth be told feel that something used to be slipping a tiny bit of bit, then again powerful I tried to combat it.”

Schneider’s intestine feeling used to be factual (because it tends to be). After a cushy 40-game streak, for the duration of which she was the first girl to surpass $1 million in regular-season winnings after which the runner-up to Jennings for a form of consecutive games won, Schneider ended her reign for the duration of Wednesday’s game. She used to be overwhelmed by Rhone Talsma, who won for the duration of Final Jeopardy.

When Schneider met Talsma, a librarian from Chicago sporting neon yellow glasses, her abnormal feeling about that day intensified. Jennings, who competed in 2004 and now hosts the present on and off, had told her that the one who defeated him came off as gracious and totally unintimidated by him.

“That used to be with out a doubt factual of Rhone,” Schneider acknowledged.

If Talsma gave the influence unintimidated, he acknowledged on Wednesday, it used to be because he had already celebrated defeat.

The game used to be going well for Schneider, nonetheless Talsma had seen that she tended to originate up with the lower value clues first, so he went for elevated value ones first. Then, for the duration of Double Jeopardy, Talsma had landed on a Every single day Double, giving him a enhance.

“I more or much less felt love a pet biting at her ankles your entire time,” Talsma acknowledged.

Schneider used to be familiar with going into Final Jeopardy along with her victory already secured. That used to be not the case this time. Talsma went in with $17,600, and Schneider used to be unbiased $10,000 earlier than him.

The Final Jeopardy category: International locations of the World. Schneider felt confident about the category, and so did Talsma (geography is his “bread and butter,” he acknowledged, and he has childhood memories of learning an Atlas for stress-free).

The clue: The appropriate nation on the earth whose name in English ends in an “H,” it’s also one of the most 10 most populous.

Within the 30 seconds that the contestants are given to deem and write down their responses, Schneider hopped from nation to nation on a design in her solutions. India, no; Pakistan, no; Nepal, no.

“It unbiased wasn’t coming to me,” Schneider acknowledged.


Credit…by technique of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

Talsma used to be touring around a design in his have head, nonetheless it completely wasn’t till the final 10 seconds that he came upon his response: “What’s Bangladesh?”

He used to be factual, nonetheless Schneider didn’t write down a response. When she realized that her existence-altering streak used to be over, she felt a mix of emotions: disappointment, finally, nonetheless also some reduction that she wouldn’t bear to retain increasing with funny anecdotes for the segment after the first commercial fracture.

“Playing ‘Jeopardy!’ has been essentially the most salubrious I’ve ever had, and I didn’t desire it to prevent,” she acknowledged. “I knew it may per chance in the end, nonetheless it completely used to be tricky to attain that the second used to be at final there.”

An engineering supervisor who lives in Oakland, Calif., Schneider, 42, has identified the final result of her escape for greater than two months. All the contrivance by that time, she rode the wave of a newly minted game-present huge name, looking out at because the sphere used to be presented to her prodigious intellect and, gradually, of us began recognizing her on the avenue.

She freely shared insights into her existence (she has a lady friend named Genevieve and a cat named Meep), tales about her childhood (in eighth grade she used to be voted almost definitely to compete on “Jeopardy!”) and shared her secret to success (a lifetime of curiosity). As a transgender girl, she used to be compelled to address bigotry on-line, to which she spoke back cleverly, nonetheless she also received the different to receive heaps of encouraging, placing forward comments, along with from transgender viewers who were thrilled by her success.

As her streak stretched on, her stats added up to something beautiful. Per the present’s numbers for her 40 a success games, of the clues she answered, she used to be appropriate 95 percent of the time and gave the factual responses for the Every single day Double 87 percent of the time.

As a result of her streak had come so soon after that of Amodio, who misplaced in October, it precipitated hypothesizing amongst fans of the present and contributors of the production crew about why “Jeopardy!” used to be seeing an distinctive decision of streaks. The present’s govt producer, Michael Davies, shared loads of that you simply may per chance per chance agree with explanations, along with the ever-increasing on-line archive of gaze offers and a new entrance examination that contestants may per chance bewitch anytime, as an different of for the duration of advise home windows.

Her success also came when the long-running game present used to be within the center of a rocky transition after the dying of its cherished host, Alex Trebek, in 2020. After one failed appointment, the present has yet to name a eternal successor, switching off between Jennings and the sitcom primary particular person Mayim Bialik.

Schneider’s existence as a main particular person game present contestant may per chance very well be grueling. She would fly in from Oakland on the foundation of every week and would tape a full week of “Jeopardy!” — five episodes — each day. When she would return to her hotel, she acknowledged, she would unbiased take a seat and discontinue nothing for an hour or so as to give her mind a fracture.

So when she failed to return up with Bangladesh, that used to be section of the comfort she felt: She may per chance at final glean abet to traditional existence, placing out along with her lady friend and her cat. Now with $1.4 million in winnings.

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