The Best Comedies to Stream On Netflix Right Now

From Oscar-level dramedies to goofball slapstick.

The Best Comedies to Stream On Netflix Right Now
The Best Comedies to Stream On Netflix Right Now

When you don’t have much to laugh about, sometimes the best medicine is a gut-busting comedy. Whether you’re looking to laugh until you cry at grossout antics, watch our generation’s finest comedians pratfall with the best of them, or even just chuckle politely at a witty satire, Netflix has something for everyone. The streamer’s deep bench of comedies includes everything from mockumentaries to romcoms, dramedies to raunchy films you’d be embarrassed to watch with your family. We took the liberty of selecting 35 of our favorites from across all of comedy’s glorious sub-genres, meaning that, whatever kind of laugh you need, Netflix will have it on speed dial.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Authurian legend get the parody treatment in this absurd—and endlessly quotable—cult classic in which the Monty Python players star as the Knights of the Roundtable on the search for the legendary treasure.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This irreverent and energetic movie stars Michael Cera as a slacker musician who hits the romantic jackpot when he meets his new girlfriend Ramona Flowers—but must defeat her seven evil exes in manic, video game-inspired fashion.

EuroVision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams star in this daffy musical comedy about two small-town Icelandic musicians, who travel across the world to chase their dreams of pop stardom at the global music phenomenon known as EuroVision. If you’re a EuroVision newbie, the toe-tapping soundtrack and on-stage mishaps will enthrall you, while EuroVision fans will be delighted by Easter Eggs like cameos from fan-favorite contestants.

Swiss Army Man

Daniel Radcliffe stars as a (wait for it) corpse in this surreal buddy-comedy in which Paul Dano makes great use of his dead friend’s body after washing up on a deserted island.

The Death of Stalin

In this uproarious black comedy written and directed by Veep’s Armando Ianucci, Joseph Stalin’s cronies turn against one another in the wake of his death, jockeying for ultimate control of Soviet Russia. Backstabbings and assassination attempts abound, all of it wrapped in a devastatingly funny satire of political power grabbing.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie

Zach Galifianakis’ offbeat comedy series gets the feature length treatment in this hilarious film, wherein Between Two Ferns goes on a nationwide redemption tour following a disastrous near-death incident with interviewee Matthew McConaughey. Galifianakis’ deadpan, painfully awkward shtick is as appealing as ever in this gut-busting road trip comedy.

Stranger Than Fiction

Will Ferrell plays Harold Crick, an IRS auditor who lives a relatively mundane life before he begins hearing a voice in his head narrating his every move. He soon discovers that he is the protagonist of author Karen Eiffel’s latest book. This poses a problem for Harold, as Karen is famous for killing her main characters in creative ways. He teams up with a professor and the two set out to find the author and make her change the story.

Other People

Fresh off a breakup in the midst of the worst year of his life, a struggling New York comedy writer heads back home to Sacramento to care for his dying mother. Though the film definitely falls under the comedy umbrella, make sure to keep the tissues around. Molly Shannon turns out a performance like you’ve never seen.

Easy A

Honestly, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson playing a set of the coolest parents of all time is reason enough to watch this movie. But, if that doesn’t convince you, watch for the exceptional plot that takes a modern and funny twist on The Scarlet Letter.

Yes God Yes

This coming of age film follows a devout Catholic school girl as she explores her sexual awakening after an innocent AOL chat turns racy. She turns to a school retreat hoping to suppress her newfound urges.

Silver Linings Playbook

After losing his marriage and spending a stint in a mental institution for his bipolar disorder, Pat (Bradley Cooper) moves in with his parents and hopes to get his wife and life back. He meets a young widow, Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), who offers to help him win his ex back in exchange for helping her compete in a dance competition.

Dolemite Is My Name

This biographical film follows struggling comedian Rudy Ray Moore in the 1970s as he creates his raunchy alter ego, Dolemite, and risks it all to take his act to the big screen with a kung-fu, anti-establishment film.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse

Brooklyn teen Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider and soon develops special powers. Soon after, he meets Peter Parker and learns that he isn’t the only Spider-Man out there.

A Knight’s Tale

In this early Heath Ledger favorite, he plays a man born into poverty who wants to change his own stars by posing as a lord and competing in jousting tournaments.

Back to the Future

One of the best sci-fi movies of all time is also one of the best comedies of all time. Marty McFly goes back in time where he accidentally threatens his old existence when he meets his parents as high school kids. And his presence in the past also threatens the space time continuum as a whole.

Ocean’s Thirteen

The final entry in the George Clooney-led Ocean’s trilogy brings our gang of all-star thieves back to Las Vegas, but this time it’s for vengeance.

Pineapple Express

Judd Apatow’s stoner blockbuster stars Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Danny McBride in this hilarious film following a dazed process server who witnesses a murder by a drug lord and corrupt cop. He drags his dealer and his supplier on for a wild adventure dodging the drug lord on the hunt to kill them.

The Wrong Missy

Tim thinks he met the girl of his dreams, Missy, so he decides to invite her on his company retreat to Hawaii. However, when a girl from a previous nightmarish blind date shows up instead, also named Missy, Tim realizes he texted the wrong woman and now will have to endure the trip with all of her crazy antics.

Being John Malkovich

From visionary director Spike Jonez and mastermind screenwriter Charlie Kaufman comes one of the most bizarre, singular comedies in movie history. John Cusack plays a puppeteer who discovers a portal in an office building that allows him to inhabit the mind of John Malkovich.

Set It Up

A twist on the whole set up narrative, two overworked NYC assistants try to set up their overbearing, successful bosses played by Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs.

Baby Mama

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler star in this film that is equal parts hilarious and sentimental. When single Kate (Fey) decides she’s ready to have a child, but finds that she’s infertile, she hires Angie (Poehler) to act as her surrogate.

The Lovebirds

On the verge of a breakup, Jibran and Leilani accidentally get mixed up in a murder case. The two have one wild night to clear their names, and potentially salvage their relationship.

Dinner For Schmucks

Any movie with Paul Rudd is a winner for us. But a movie starring Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell, and Zach Galifianakis? Say no more.

Lady Bird

More dramedy, less laugh-out-loud comedy, this coming of age story from Greta Gerwig is a must watch. Saoirse Ronan, Beanie Feldstein, and Timothee Chalamet are as charming as ever, telling a heartwarming and cleverly funny story about a quirky teenager trying to find her way in the world as she prepares to leave for college.

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

From Oscar-winning filmmaker Noah Baumbach, The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) is a dark and dry dramedy with an all star cast that includes Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Elizabeth Marvel and Emma Thompson.

The Other Guys

The Other Guys has all the perfect parts for a great comedy. Adam McKay directs. Ice-T narrates. And Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell star as two pencil-pushing NYPD detectives who get the opportunity to prove they’re up for more than just paperwork.

Life of Brian

Monty Python take on Christ with this story of Brian of Nazareth, a man who was born on the same night as Jesus—just in the stable next door—and spends his entire life being mistaken for the messiah.

The Little Hours

Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza play medieval nuns whose quiet lives turn far less quiet after the arrival of Dave Franco’s deaf-mute worker in this out-there sex comedy.

John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch

Just to be clear, John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch is extremely weird and niche, but its surrealism is a delight to watch. Filmed like an after-school activity, it quickly veers into weird territory and never looks back.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The Coen Brothers teamed up with the streaming service for this Netflix original, an anthology film featuring six stories set in the American west that’s full of outlaws, pioneer women, double-crossing, and one singing cowboy.

The Interview

Ah, yes. The film where James Franco and Seth Rogen actually pissed off North Korea. What starts as a movie where the two play a journalist and producer who go to interview Kim Jong-Un turns into an insane tale where the CIA asks them to kill the leader. It’s full of laughs and also just a hair of political anxiety. You know, like life!

The Breaker Uppers

Two women start an agency to break up couples—clearly in an enterprising effort to upend the matchmaking industry.


A bit more on the serious side, Okja is more of a satire than it is a full-fledged comedy. When the Mirando Corporation takes Okja, a giant unnamed animal, for their own use the animal’s 10-year-old friend Mija hops into action to save him.


Sandra Oh and Anne Heche star in this bonkers indie film about two women—and lifelong enemies—whose lives, careers, and levels of success are violently linked to each other.

Eddie Murphy: Delirious

This iconic stand-up comedy feature offered a more raw and profane side of the then-Saturday Night Live star.


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