The Best Joker Actors Ranked From Worst to Greatest

The Best Joker Actors Ranked From Worst to Greatest

The Best Joker Actors Ranked From Worst to Greatest

This week, Joaquin Phoenix’s new Joker film will give a daunting, real looking have a look at the character we have by no means seen earlier than. Actually, this portrayal of the famed comedian e book villain is so polarizing that some have mentioned a movie like Joker might even be harmful in at the moment’s sociopolitical local weather.

However that is simply one other entry within the lengthy, unusual historical past of the Joker on movie and tv. There’s something in regards to the character that fascinates audiences. He’s an enigmatic and absolutely terrifying Batman foil who was created all the best way again in 1940 by the DC Comics crew of Invoice Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson. A stunning phenomenon to behold, Joker’s presumably the best villain in popular culture historical past. His hilarious, sociopathic, and downright demonic presence has turn into one thing of a filmmaking custom. Similar to with James Bond, and even Batman himself, it’s no small information when an actor indicators on to play the notorious Dark Knight nemesis. Right here we have ranked essentially the most well-known Joker portrayals from worst to Best [insert maniacal laughter here].

Jared Leto (Suicide Squad)

To essentially get into his character, Technique Actor Jared Leto determined to go full method together with his efficiency, which meant reportedly sending useless critters and, in some reviews, condoms to his co-stars. This gross habits made for fairly a weird efficiency, as Leto appeared to be making an attempt a clown villain that fell someplace between Heath Ledger’s unhinged efficiency in The Dark Knight and a disgruntled Sizzling Matter worker. Cringey and ridiculous, Leto’s Joker is tough to look at at instances–and the writing within the Suicide Squad script didn’t do him any favors both.— Dom Nero

Zach Galifianakis (LEGO Batman)

Are you able to consider Zach Galifianakis, the mumbly, slapstick darling of Between Two Ferns acquired to play the Joker? Nicely, no less than as a voice actor, he did. Galifianakis took his clowning abilities from Baskets to the surprisingly gratifying LEGO Batman animated film. Although he’s not as menacing and villainous as many of the others on this listing, Galifianakis’s Joker is memorable for being as hammy and weird because the actor himself. Depart it to Zack Galifianakis to make The Joker really feel like an alt-comedy weirdo straight out of Tim and Eric.— Dom Nero

Cameron Monaghan (Gotham)

The latest Fox/Warner Bros. TV series was a drawn-out prequel to Bruce Wayne’s life behind the cowl of Batman. It took about 5 seasons for the present to lastly reveal the actual Joker of the series, with producers throwing numerous misdirections alongside the best way. However by the series finale, we lastly had our Joker, portrayed by Cameron Monaghan in a startlingly grotesque white, mutilated face, trying virtually like Frankenstein’s monster. In contrast to a lot of the series, Gotham’s tackle The Joker’s origin story was fairly trustworthy to the comics, and when Monaghan’s Jeremiah Valeska fell into the pool of acid on the Ace Chemical compounds tower, his transformation had some critical Tim Burton vibes. Monaghan did a fantastic, albeit short-lived tackle the laughing nemesis.— Dom Nero

Cesar Romero (Batman TV Series)

Romero’s efficiency because the Clown Prince of Crime is probably essentially the most controversial one on this listing. Although gamers like Leto and Ledger each supplied more and more maniacal and revolting portrayals of Mr. J., it’s Romero’s lighter contact that has turn into one thing of a contentious topic today. Like the remainder of the Batman TV series of the ’60s, Romero’s portrayal is silly and goofy. Some longtime followers of the franchise nonetheless assume that is the defining Joker: an oddball who’s a little bit scary and so much bizarre. Others say it was simply too cartoonish. Whether or not you assume Joker must be gritty or foolish, nobody can deny that Romero has left an enormous fingerprint on the enduring legacy of the character. Enjoyable truth: it’s mentioned that Romero refused to shave his mustache for manufacturing, so in the event you look intently, you may see that the hair above his lip is roofed in white make-up. Insane. — Dom Nero

Joaquin Phoenix (Joker)

Joaquin Phoenix’s interpretation of Joker is really the character at its most bleak, its most real looking, and its most fucked up. In Todd Phillips’s Joker, the villain’s origin begins as Arthur Fleck, a poverty-stricken, mentally in poor health man who’s being crushed down by society. He makes use of this as an excuse to hold out plenty of horrible acts that incite violence throughout Gotham. Phoenix’s efficiency is unbelievable, from the little ticks, to the dancing, to his pathological laughter. However, it feels as if, at instances, Phoenix is doing too much. This model of the Joker is sort of too human, as if he’s begging you to sympathize with this character. It doesn’t assist that the movie leaves the viewers with little resolve. This character, the individuals of Gotham, the viewers—we be taught nothing. It’s a tackle the Joker that’s totally zero enjoyable. In his darkest moments, even Ledger’s gritty Joker was really kinda humorous. And isn’t that levity no less than one trait we should always form of anticipate from the Clown Prince of Crime? — Matt Miller

Jack Nicholson (Tim Burton Batman)

The position that revitalized Nicholson’s profession can be one of many actor’s all-time biggest performances. Nicholson perfectly balanced the lightness of Romero with the darker roots of the character’s 1940s noir origins. Backed by Burton’s spooky aesthetic, with a soundtrack that mixed each Prince and Danny Elfman, Nicholson’s Joker has turn into a bonafide movie legend. On the finish of the day, what’s nice about Nicholson’s take is that, properly, it’s 100 % Nicholson. The man is aware of his model, and he introduced it fully-formed to Burton’s 1989 Batman film. Along with Michael Keaton, the movie helped convey a resurgence to comedian e book filmmaking, laying the groundwork for the brand new golden period that we’re experiencing at the moment.— Dom Nero

Mark Hamill (Batman Animated Series)

Hamill’s tackle The Joker will not be very well-known to informal audiences. However for a lot of followers of the Batman, his sharp, crafty, hyena-like voice performing for the character within the kickass Batman Animated Series is the defining Joker of our time. Although most keep in mind Hamill for Luke Skywalker, the legendary Star Wars performer really owes a ton of his renown to his work in voice performing. Paired with Kevin Conroy’s efficiency as Batman, Hamill made for an beautiful Mr. J., particularly when the animated series launched the strikingly complicated and engaging character of Harley Quinn, Joker’s difficult accomplice who’s a tragic sufferer of abuse and cultish thoughts control. With Quinn at his facet, Hamill’s Joker grew to become a a lot wilder power, filled with tons of maximum stress and terror. He’s at all times cut up between his lover and his life as a legal mastermind. Although we’ll probably by no means see a live-action Mark Hamill Joker, the actor’s voice will endlessly be related to the clown.— Dom Nero

Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

Christopher Nolan introduced Batman into the trendy period. His Dark Knight trilogy modified the sport for the hero, warping the spooky of aesthetic of the Burton period into the a lot scarier, way more real looking world of a put up 9-11 America. And becoming proper into Nolan’s surveillance and terrorism-obsessed Gotham Metropolis was the right embodiment of chaos, Heath Ledger’s Joker. In contrast to Romero and Nicholson, Ledger’s Joker feels actually disturbed. The actor reportedly took cues from esoteric and sudden sources like Tom Waits, A Clockwork Orange, and textual content from outdated comedian books as properly. In fact, with the good legacy of Heath Ledger’s Joker comes the tragic ending that we’re nonetheless mourning to this present day. Ledger died earlier than The Dark Knight ever hit theaters, successful a posthumous Oscar, and changing into one in every of Hollywood’s Best tragedies. The breadth of his profession reveals that the actor was able to staggering dramatic depth. His efficiency as The Joker is electrifying, and it’s one of the best the character has ever been.— Dom Nero

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