The Best Sweat Shorts Are Made for These Weird, In-Between Times

The humble hybrid style is practically made for our current moment.

The Best Sweat Shorts Are Made for These Weird, In-Between Times
The Best Sweat Shorts Are Made for These Weird, In-Between Times

I’m not going to front: these abrupt fluctuations in temperature have my internal thermometer all kinds of fucked up, and at this point my body is thoroughly confused. I’ll be posted up at home blasting the heat on high for no more than ten minutes before I start sweating bullets and have to turn it off while I try to shed as many layers as possible in a mad scramble to recalibrate. I spent a full hour yesterday trying to suss out the perfect degree of HVAC manipulation in an effort to make it through the day without losing my mind, and all I have to show for it are a few untested theories about, like, the tradeoff involved in wearing two pairs of socks with the heat turned off and vice versa.

Is there any piece of clothing more suited to this peculiar moment than the sweat short? The humble hybrid of two wardrobe staples from opposite ends of the weather spectrum is practically made for the weird in-between temperatures we’re currently experiencing. The sweat short is a goddamn game-changer, man. Forget the days of fiddling with the AC console for hours on end to find that sweet spot of at-home climate control—sweat shorts are here to save your (sweaty?) ass regardless of how hot or cold you run. They’re as comfortable and easy to slip into as the best pair of sweatpants in your regular rotation, while providing all the cooling benefits of your summeriest pair of shorts.

Sweat shorts are the new wave, and they might very well be the best superstar team-up since Watch the Throne. So instead of counting down the days to the official start of Shorts and Hoodie season, cop a pair of shorts made out of the same fabric as your favorite hoodie and have it both ways. Scroll through below to check out some of the best options available now.

French-Terry Shorts

Super comfy shorts from an icon of casual American clothing.

Hybrid Fleece Shorts

A fleece short perfect for a WFH workout break (or for telling yourself today’s the day you’ll definitely take one).

Navy Sport Fleece Shorts

A literally sporty take on the style from a recently revived line that hasn’t lost even a bit of its luster.

Men’s Serious Sweatshorts

“Serious” sweatshorts made for doing things that are anything but.

Reverse Weave Logo Cutoff Sweatshorts

A bright blue pair of cutoffs from the OG activewear brand everyone else is still taking cues from.

Supima Fleece Trail Sweatshorts

Save Khaki serves up garment-dyed, Made-in-the-USA goodness courtesy of its collaboration with the brand responsible for the comfiest sneakers (and now shorts) in your closet.

Champion Terry Side Stripe Shorts

Todd Snyder’s take on the style (made in collaboration with Champion) leans into a retro look ready-made for the courts.

Sportswear Alumni Shorts

The Swoosh makes more than a few excellent sweatshort options, but I’m especially feeling the two-tone retro reissues here, and their intentionally unfinished edges.

City Sweatshorts

Leave it to Lululemon, the maestro of modern activewear, to come up with a way to make its sweatshorts look like the latest in cutting-edge athleisure design.

Logo Terry Short

Swathe yourself in terry-cloth sweatshorts courtesy of the absolute coolest magazine-cum-clothing line around.

Chicago Bulls Sweatshorts

Steal some of MJ’s inimitable cool with a pair of shorts that pays tribute to a bygone era of Bulls excellence.

Classic Sweatshorts

Reigning Champ consistently makes some of the sturdiest sweatpants in the business. The Canadian brand’s sweatshorts are rooted in the same principles, sans half a pant leg or two.

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