‘Big Brother’ recap: A predictable vote leads to a rather dull eviction episode

All things considered, Kyland’s HOH week has been pretty straightforward. He’s had a plan since the beginning, and there’s been no reason to deviate from it. He wants Frenchie out of the house (just like everyone else does) because the former HOH’s gameplay is too erratic and intense. Frenchie is getting on everyone’s nerves, so he seems like the easy vote heading into this week’s eviction.

Unfortunately, such a predictable week means that this is a boring eviction episode. Just about everything leading up to the vote is stuff we’ve already seen in previous episodes. Frenchie, knowing he’s going home, gets a pep talk from his teammates (just like last episode). He comes up with reasons why he should stay, including telling people that he’ll always be a target in future weeks (just like he did last episode). Everyone listens to him and nods along (just like last episode), but no one is changing their minds.

The vote is so predictable that rather than the usual episode structure of watching the two people on the block scrambling for votes, we mostly get a look at what everyone is thinking about next week. Frenchie is so done that the players are already thinking about the next HOH and how that might play out. With the Slaughterhouse alliance all but extinct because of Frenchie’s actions, Kyland is looking to shore up some safety. He proposes that his team, the Queens, align with the Kings and start picking off everyone else. Two teams working together would certainly increase the odds of safety in the HOH competition and would allow for a good chunk of votes. Plus, Kyland is close with Derek X, who’d certainly be another vote within the larger alliance. Currently, Brent and Whitney are targets. It’s unclear why they’re a consensus, but it looks like they’re on the outside of a larger group that’s forming.

Which brings us to the vote. Not really a lot to say here other than Britini uses her pre-vote speech to share a rap she wrote, and it’s the second time in the episode she raps, and maybe that’s enough of that for the season. The vote goes exactly as planned. By a count of 11-1, Frenchie is booted out of the house. He deserved to go home and put a target on his back early, but I swear by the end of the season we’ll all be looking back fondly on that first week and thanking him for giving us some drama and chaos right off the bat.

As an added bonus, I think Frenchie gets the send-off he deserves. Sure, his gameplay rubbed people the wrong way, but he clearly created some genuine connections too, and was able to separate the game from real life (unlike some players in recent seasons). He doesn’t go out swinging either. He’s grateful for the experience and is particularly emotional about saying goodbye to Big D. It’s a nice grace note to end Frenchie’s run, though I’d be remiss not to mention that during his exit interview, he tries to take credit for “changing the narrative” of who typically gets voted out first in Big Brother, which is beyond ridiculous).

That brings us to the next HOH competition. The remaining contestants, minus outgoing HOH Kyland, line up in their isolated booths to watch two videos of former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Tom Green walk around Ottawa talking to people about his time on the show. After each video, Julie asks a series of True or False questions. Get one wrong and you’re out, and the last player standing becomes the new HOH. I’m kind of amazed that more of the players don’t get very far in the competition. It doesn’t look that difficult, but hey, I’m not there in the house; I’m watching at home with no pressure.

So who ends up snagging the win? It’s Xavier, and that should make for an interesting week. He’s aligned with Kyland and the rest of the Queens, and they’ve all been talking about targeting Brent and Whitney. But I do wonder if that’s set in stone or if things could change pretty quickly. Should be a fun week ahead!

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