Captain Marvel Fans Have a Pretty Solid Theory About Nick Fury’s Eye

Captain Marvel Fans Have a Pretty Solid Theory About Nick Fury's Eye

Captain Marvel Fans Have a Pretty Solid Theory About Nick Fury’s Eye

Since we first noticed him within the post-credit scene of 2008’s Iron Man, the Nick Fury we have identified has had one eye. And for greater than a decade the story of how he misplaced that eye has remained a thriller. Captain Marvel changed all of that. Within the newest Marvel outing, Carol Danvers crash lands on Earth, the place she groups up with a younger, two-eyed ’90s-era Nick Fury to get entangled within the intergalactic Skrull-Kree conflict.

On the finish of all of it, when the battle is over, we lastly find out how Nick Fury misplaced his eye. He is enjoying with the superb kitty Goose, when the cat/Flerken scratches the attention proper out of his head. Although Fury is introduced with an assortment of substitute eyes, he chooses to put on an eye fixed patch as an alternative. Why would he do that with the entire expertise within the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It is actually not a style selection, proper?

One Reddit person posed an fascinating theory that Fury selected to not use a prosthetic eye as a result of he needs to defend himself from Skrull duplication:

My theory is that Nick selected to maintain his disfigured eye and canopy it all through his SHIELD profession with the intention to shield himself and SHIELD if he was ever simmed. Within the MCU, Talos states he has to see one thing to sim it to the purpose of a DNA match, and since Fury’s eye is not genetic, its precise look is obtainable solely to him and the backup safety parameters he placed in SHIELD. Fury had been attempting to guard Earth from Alien invasion lengthy earlier than The Avengers, it solely make sense that’d he’d take steps in opposition to the 2 alien species he already knew of, Kree and Skrulls, particularly in the way in which of stopping theft of his personal identification like Talos did to his boss.

It is a Pretty believable theory—one which turns a possible Nick Fury weak spot right into a power, which is a play on a basic superhero trope. However, once more, it is also value noting that the attention patch does make him look Pretty rattling cool.

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