Doritos Finally Jumped on the ‘Flamin’ Hot’ Train—and the Results Are Overwhelming

Doritos Finally Jumped on the 'Flamin' Hot' Train—and the Results Are Overwhelming

Doritos Finally Jumped on the ‘Flamin’ Hot’ Train—and the Results Are Overwhelming

Welcome to Drunk on Chips. I am a potato lover whose potato-loving father at all times stored our snack cabinet stocked with a carefully curated assortment of chips. Right here, I offer you an honest review of a particular bag.

At 11:56 a.m. on a Thursday, my fingers are stark red all the way to the knuckle. 9 out of 10 digits are caked in that very same red—a sense I’ve turn into all too conversant in, as I sort responses to colleagues utilizing just my redy finger. My nostril is running, my forehead is sweating, and to be honest, there’s nothing not pulsating above the neck.

I need some water. Hell, I need a bathe. And it is as a result of Doritos just launched its new Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavor, and I am already three quarters of the way by means of a bag.

The Flamin’ Hot flavor’s exclusivity in regard to Cheetos is lengthy gone now. Not solely as a result of individuals began placing it on their Thanksgiving turkeys, however as a result of Frito-Lay has rolled it out to Ruffles, Fritos, Funyuns, and even Rold Gold pretzels. With the arrival of Doritos’ Flamin’ Hot Nacho, the seasoning has Finally arrived the place it was presumably destined to land all alongside. However is the Flamin’ Hot flavoring actually any higher on a Dorito than it’s a Cheeto? The quick reply is not any. And the lengthy reply, sadly, is not any.

Chances are you’ll keep in mind that Flamin’ Hot has a fairly endearing origin story from my ode to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos again in August. A janitor at Frito-Lay invented it at dwelling, for enjoyable, and the corporate ended up shopping for in. From stated ode:

What makes Montañez a real god is that he created one thing that was destined to be sprinkled upon greater than Cheetos. I’ve by no means had something Flamin’ Hot I did not enjoy, and that sentiment is prolonged to those new Doritos. The rationale they tousled my Thursday is instantly associated to how addicting they’re. I hit a groove the place I used to be utterly blacked out to the world, not redy typing, taking in three to 4 chips at a time. In a lucid second, I spotted what I used to be doing, paused, and the fireplace struck. After which the headache hit, and it did not go away for some time.

The lesson with these, and any Flamin’ Hot selection, actually, is moderation. When consumed responsibly, like medicine and alcohol, they are a pure handle. Some have claimed they’re higher than Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch mixed. A flaming Hot take, for certain, however for a similar purpose Nacho Cheese is healthier than Cool Ranch, it is an incorrect one.

Nacho Cheese reigns supreme due to its longevity. Finally, you get sick of Cool Ranch. Finally, you physically cannot handle anymore Flamin’ Hot Nacho. An entire bag of Nacho Cheese may make you sick, however you do not understand it ’til it is over. That is to not counsel you do not buy as many baggage of those as you possibly can—you need to. They’re greater than a novelty, however lower than a staple, which by Goldilocks’ standards makes them good.


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