Every Actor That Has Played Elvis Presley In Movies

Every Actor That Has Played Elvis Presley In Movies
Every Actor That Has Played Elvis Presley In Movies

Elvis Presley has been represented in the motion pictures for years, revealing various periods of his life, and also Austin Butler is one of the most recent of numerous.

For many years there have been a variety of stars who have played Elvis Presley in films. Baz Lurhmann’s new biopic Elvis is not the initial to portray the life of the King of Rock and flicks have covered a series of his life, including his high school years pre-fame. Elvis Presley himself made 31 movies but played fictional characters in all of these other than his concert documentaries.

Elvis’ career as an artist varied from music to serving as well as routing his very own flicks. After leaving the military, he was starring in motion pictures to end up being as developed in the dramatic arts as his idols James Dean and also Marlon Brando. Although this didn’t exercise, with Elvis claiming his worst film was Clambake, his success in the music industry has actually spawned a lot of adaptations of his life.

Music plays the biggest part in these adaptations, however Elvis was a number whose life was complied with like any star. His debatable marital relationship to Priscilla Presley was a focus of the 1988 film Elvis and Me and also most of the movies regarding him weren’t exclusively focused on his music career, but instead on him as an individual. Not every one of these flicks concerning Elvis succeeded although some were well gotten, so here is every actor that has actually played Elvis Presley in flicks.

Austin Butler – Elvis (2022 )

Austin Butler stars in Baz Lurhmann’s 2022 biopic Elvis. The flick focuses on the development of Elvis’ career, with Austin Butler singing his very own variation of Elvis’ songs, in particular on his manager, Colonel Tom Parker’s (Tom Hanks), role in this as well as their difficult relationship. It shines a light on his abrupt fame as well as relationship with Priscilla Presley as the cultural landscape of America changed. Elvis received a 12-minute applause at the Cannes Film Festival and also, in spite of plenty of movie critics slating facets of the movie, it obtained 83% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Dale Midkiff – Elvis And Me (1988 )

Dale Midkiff stars as Elvis in Elvis and Me, the 1988 motion picture illustrating the tale of Pricilla Presley’s life with her partner, Elvis. The film is based on Priscilla Presley’s book of the exact same name and was chosen for individuals’s Choice Award for Favourite Television Movie/Miniseries. There are no critics assesses for Elvis and also Me on Rotten Tomatoes but it has actually obtained 6.9/ 10 on IMDb.

Don Johnson – Elvis And The Beauty Queen (1981 )

Don Johnson, who was almost changed on Miami Vice, depicts Elvis in Elvis and also the Beauty Queen spotlighting his event with a young appeal pageant contestant, Linda Thompson (Stephanie Zimbalist), after his separation from Priscilla Presley. Elvis and also the Beauty Queen deals with the last 4 years of Elvis’ life with Linda and also his dependency to drugs as well as is commended for aspects of this. The film didn’t have any lasting impressions and also has actually racked up fairly reduced on most testimonial sites as well as by critics.

Kurt Russell – Elvis (1979 )

Kurt Russell stars in the initial biopic of Elvis Presley’s life, Elvis (1979) Including Elvis’ life up till 1970, the success of Elvis on American tv created it to be launched theatrically in Europe as well as Australia. Elvis was obtained well by movie critics with some objection of movie script but was chosen for 3 Primetime Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe. This was the first time Russell had actually dealt with director John Carpenter, who nearly routed a Jaws rip-off, and they took place to interact in several hits, such as The Thing (1982 )

Michael Shannon – Elvis & Nixon (2016 )

Elvis & Nixon (2016) is the true tale behind Elvis Presley and also President Richard Nixon’s meeting in 1970. Michael Shannon plays Elvis in the flick which is based upon the meeting behind the picture of Presley and also Nixon shaking hands, which is the most asked for image from the National Archives. Elvis & Nixon is significantly more preferred with critics than target markets (via Rotten Tomatoes) as well as Shannon was chosen for a Best Actor award from the Indiana Film Journalists Association.

Michael St. Gerard – Great Balls Of Fire (1989 )

Michael St. Gerard plays Elvis in Great Balls of Fire! Lewis climbed to fame however his controversial marital relationship to his 13-year-old relative led to his downfall, maintaining Elvis firmly as the King.

Paul Hipp – Liberace: Behind The Music (1988 )

Elvis Presley is portrayed by Paul Hipp in Liberace: Behind the Music (1988) This is an informal biopic on the life and death of Władziu Valentino Liberace, a famous American pianist, as well as singer. The flick is concentrated on him, yet Hipp plays Elvis who was great friends with Liberace, as well as obviously, Liberace was the one that informed Elvis to have more glamour and also flamboyancy.

Peter Dobson – Protecting The King (2007 ).

Peter Dobson depicts Elvis in Protecting the King (2007 ), a movie concerning one of his bodyguards – not the Elvis bodyguard that helped launch Bruce Lee’s career – who was employed at only 16-years-old. Elvis’ bodyguard, David Stanley (Matt Barr), was also Elvis’ step-brother as well as lived a luxurious and also too much life alongside him. Regardless of a makeover at Elvis’ life as well as individuals around him, the film performed poorly and also only got a 35% audience ranking on Rotten Tomatoes.

Rick Peters – Elvis Meets Nixon (1997 ).

Rick Peters plays Elvis in the initial consider Elvis and President Nixon’s (Bob Gunton) well-known meeting in Elvis Meets Nixon (1997 ). Unlike Shannon’s 2016 variation, Elvis Meets Nixon is a mockumentary/comedy about the meeting which came about when Elvis mosted likely to the White House to come to be a federal marshal under the DEA, so it is easy to understand why Rocky hesitated to fulfill Elvis. The tale the mockumentary is based on is true however is embellished for the film; it was gotten well by audiences as well as obtained 75% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Rob Youngblood – Elvis And The Colonel: The Untold Story (1993 ).

Rob Youngblood played Elvis in the first motion picture to discover his relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Beau Bridges). The 1993 film Elvis and the Colonel: The Untold Story checks out the exploitative connection Elvis had with his supervisor from the point of view of Elvis’ ghost. There are few reviews of the flick but those which exist do not repaint the movie in the best light and also it only got 5.1/ 10 on IMDb.

Tyler Hilton – Walk The Line (2006 ).

Walk the Line (2006) is likewise a flick that focused on another celebrity that had links to Elvis Presley. In this movie, which currently has a Walk the Line prolonged version, Elvis is played by Tyler Hilton as well as it is based on the two memoirs written by Johnny Cash, played by Joaquin Phoenix.

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