[Exclusive] ‘Baby Oopsie’ Revealed in First Look at Full Moon’s Upcoming ‘Demonic Toys’ Spinoff

Coming soon from Full Moon Features is the two-part Baby Oopsie, a spinoff of the company’s Demonic Toys franchise that gives the killer doll “Baby Oopsie Daisy” a solo spotlight.

Baby Oopsie Daisy was the leader of the Demonic Toys in that first movie, subsequently appearing in Demonic Toys 2, Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, and Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys.

From writer/director William Butler, the man behind Demonic Toys 2 and The Resonator: Miskatonic U, spinoff Baby Oopsie is coming exclusively to Full Moon Features this summer.

Full Moon teases to Bloody Disgusting, “The monstrous, messy and unapologetically evil plaything Baby Oopsie is breaking free from the Demonic Toys franchise for this, his first solo shocker! Buckle in for a thumb-sucking, diaper-filling freak-out as Baby Oopsie unleashes a nasty and nightmarish wave of horror that’s totally NSFD (Not Safe for Daycare)!”

We’ve also been provided with an exclusive set of first-look stills that “show off the creative process and dark magic behind the baby Oopsie build out…from doll to demon!”

Meet the new Baby Oopsie below and expect a release date soon.

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