Jujutsu Kaisen Expands Body Count with Maki’s Devastating Powers

Jujutsu Kaisen really upped its body count with Maki Zenin’s new devastating power in the newest chapter of the series! The fallout of the Shibuya Incident shook up the Zenin Family big time as with the death of Naobito there was a massive power vacuum. Megumi Fushiguro might have been named the new head of the Zenin Family, but the older members of the family had some major issues with it. They have been attempting a coup, and Maki and Mai had been caught in the middle of it as they made preparations for the Culling Game.

The previous chapter of the series revealed a stronger Maki than ever as with the death of her twin sister, it seemed all of the limits on her strength had been removed. This was confirmed with the newest chapter of the series as Maki went and attacked the rest of the Zenin Family in honor of Mai’s wishes. Taking this even further, Maki showed off just how much more devastating she has become with a full slaughter.

Jujutsu Kaisen Maki Strength Zenin Family Massacre Spoilers
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Chapter 150 of the series sees Maki picking up immediately with the rest of the Zenin Family as Maki made her move after cutting down her father. Jinichi and Naoya were surprised to hear that Maki had defeated Ogi, but they were even more surprised to see just how much stronger Maki had become when she started to attack the Zenin Family’s elite unit, the Kukuru.

Deciding to fulfill the promise to her sister and destroy everything, Maki begins to cut down the entire Zenin family. She even takes down the strongest cursed users in the family (which includes Jinichi), with very little trouble and kills them all. She breaks through all of their techniques with her sheer will and strength, and the end of the chapter sees her target Naoya next.


Maki’s fully now become a violent person of pure strength just like Toji once was, and she’s begun to move a lot like him with the speed and strength that he was once known for. But she’s taken it one step further by actually taking down the Zenin family. What do you think? How do you feel about the dangerous new Maki?

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