Mortal Kombat’s Major Fights Teased By 2021 Movie Soundtrack List


The Mortal Kombat soundtrack tracklisting reveals potential spoilers for the movie and includes an update on the classic theme song.

The Mortal Kombat soundtrack tracklisting reveals potential spoilers for the movie and includes an update on the classic theme song. The long-awaited R-rated adaptation of the video game franchise gets released in theaters and on HBO Max on April 23. Featuring Lewis Tan in the lead role as the new fighter Cole Young, Mortal Kombat‘s goal is to be the best fighting movie ever made. So far, all of the images and footage revealed from the movie do indeed show off some epic fight action.

But much of the plot remains unknown, besides the fact that the battle between Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim) and Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) goes back hundreds of years and forms the heart of the movie. Beyond that, there is little known about the movie’s key fights, and who features in them. There is also the matter of Cole Young’s true identity, which has been speculated about, with many believing he is the new Scorpion, though nothing has been confirmed. But some of those details may have been inadvertently revealed by the Mortal Kombat soundtrack’s tracklisting, revealed ahead of its release.

The soundtrack, which includes an all-new score from Benjamin Wallfisch, gets released on April 16 by WaterTower Music. The first song from the soundtrack, an all-new updated version of the iconic techno theme song from the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie, will certainly satisfy fans who were disappointed it wasn’t included in the first trailer for the movie. Additionally, the tracklisting has been released, and it seems to give away some spoilers for the movie. You can see the full tracklisting below, and the new track, “Techno Syndrome 2021,” can be streamed below that:

  1. Techno Syndrome 2021 (Mortal Kombat)
  2. Hanzo Hasashi
  3. Lord Raiden
  4. Bi-Han
  5. Shang Tsung
  6. Cole Young
  7. Birthmark
  8. Sonya Blade
  9. Kano v Reptile
  10. Liu Kang
  11. The Great Protector
  12. Sub-Zero
  13. Kung Lao
  14. Origins
  15. Kabal
  16. Goro
  17. Arcana
  18. Jax Briggs
  19. The Void
  20. The Tournament
  21. Sub-Zero v Cole Young
  22. I Am Scorpion
  23. We Fight as One
  24. Get Over Here

Besides including an epic new version of the classic techno theme song, complete with screams of “Mortal Kombat” as well as the listing of the character’s names just like the original, the tracklisting is full of spoilers. Most relevant are probably track 9, “Kano v Reptile,” which confirms that the creature seen in the trailer is indeed the classic Mortal Kombat fighter Reptile. But the real spoilers seem to be the titles of tracks 21, “Sub-Zero v Cole Young” and track 22, “I Am Scorpion.”

Track 22 confirms that Sub-Zero and Cole face-off near Mortal Kombat’s climax, which hints that Young is somehow descended from Scorpion, Sub-Zero’s traditional rival. As if that wasn’t enough, track 23 could reveal that Cole is, in fact, Scorpion. It could, of course, be referring to Hanzo Hasashi, the version of Scorpion played by Sanada, but the fact that it comes after Cole fights Sub-Zero could be a hint that he discovers his hidden powers during the battle. The tracks that follow all refer to Scorpion too, so there is strong evidence for the theory. Audiences will find out when Mortal Kombat is released on April 23.


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