Power Rangers: Ranking All 28 Seasons


Energy Rangers is a legacy, joining a in point of fact minute checklist of shows that flee for the form of long duration of time, over 28 years! For the length of that time, the sequence has had its ups, its downs, and its mehs. I’ve been observing for the reason that ripe age of two and possess repeatedly loved the sequence, even in some of its extra questionable moments.

But the save does every season unsightly? With so many entries which of them stand as the finest of the finest of the finest or which one and is a broad mega dud? After a rewatch of the total seasons I ranked all of them from worst to easiest with a shrimp clarification of why they ended up the save they did.

Rapid existing:  I’m now not at the side of the “MMPR Reversioning” as a season. It’s true a pair of Photoshop effects over a smattering of Mighty Morphin Energy Rangers Season 1 episodes, and it’s nothing to jot down dwelling about. I’m additionally rolling the Alien Rangers episodes into Season 3. 

So keeping in mind right here is true my opinion, let’s rep started, shall we?

28. Energy Rangers Megaforce

Nothing noteworthy happens in Megaforce. The show feels worship killing time with unending fights and shrimp characterization for our main team. We’re lucky to rep bigger than two minutes with our Rangers out of swimsuit and even much less for the supporting solid.

The finest saving grace of the season is the funky unique, poppin’ and lockin’ Robo Knight who steals the total show on the expense of all individuals else. Megaforce needs to recapture the magic of the essential MMPR season but true isn’t given the dwelling to make that that you would possibly per chance possibly possibly imagine.

27. Energy Rangers Samurai

Samurai is… awkward.

Every little thing within the show is stop to without prolong translated from its Jap source arena cloth with shrimp MMPR touches sprinkled at some level of that make no sense. The appearing is wooden all round, though with the dialogue given it’s disturbing now not to be. “Now what about what I throw at you?!?” Or the atrocious, “Wow! He’s so sparkly.”

On the least we now possess Antonio’s debut episode, which aspects rather possibly one amongst essentially the most homoerotic moments in Energy Rangers history. After now not seeing Jayden for years, Antonio decrees, “Agree with it shrimp one, I’m reduction. And I’m ready for some motion.” Sooner than we obtained Izzy in Dino Fury as our first confirmed strange TV Ranger this became a mountainous deal.

26. Energy Rangers Agreeable Samurai

Gleaming noteworthy reproduction and paste what I acknowledged above, with exiguous improvements all round and the finest episode of every seasons in, ‘The Habitual Case of the Munchies.’ The Rangers rep an different to pronounce their comedic sides and Bulk and Spike rep actual interplay with the team. We additionally possess Lauren, a rare lady Crimson Ranger within the sequence who without distress shows up the rest of the team and is true the finest one in every draw.

25. Energy Rangers Ninja Metal

Ninja Metal has rather a pair of attention-grabbing tips that never drag wherever (RIP Galaxy Warriors). There’s an ideal backstory for the Crimson Ranger, Brody, the save he became raised as a slave on an alien ship that’s nearly never addressed. There’s an actual country tune broad name on the team and inside of a pair of episodes it’s treated as no mountainous deal. 

The show messes round with baffling episodes (taking a learn at you, ‘The Ranger Ribbon‘) before speeding its climax with shrimp make-up. On the least Victor and Monty are a relentless joy.

24. Energy Rangers Agreeable Ninja Metal

In the years to come reduction Agreeable Ninja Metal will simply be is referred to as “that one with the 25th anniversary episode“. Agreeable Ninja Metal has shrimp identity. The main plots of Ninja Metal had been resolved so this season feels worship it’s killing time. The finest plotline it truly manages to drag off are Victor’s quest for his 50th trophy.

The originate up of the season had a pair of first fee episodes (“Difficult Relish” became a standout, along with “Relish Stings“) but by the stop we had descended into the restful shockingly misfire of “Sheriff Skyfire.”

23. Energy Rangers Operation Overdrive

Overdrive is when issues true went rotten within the Disney generation of the show. The characters didn’t work smartly, the premise of fancy hunting became hampered by the shortcoming of funds, and the team-up became lackluster.

On the opposite hand, the season comprises the episode “Things No longer Stated,” which is one amongst the finest episodes Energy Rangers ever produced. Mack essentially wrestling with who he’s and hating his father for lying to him for long is extremely compelling.

22. Energy Rangers Agreeable Megaforce

When Agreeable Megaforce is precise? It’s amazing. When it’s contaminated? It true makes you drag, “Why?!” But you know, the fun extra or much less “Why?!”

It’s the oddest string of choices ever considered in a Energy Rangers season, with arbitrary photos utilization, questionable continuity nods, and a finale that needs to be spectacular but ends up falling flat. This sounds worship it’s contaminated and yeah it’s low on the checklist but there’s true something fun in observing how weird all of it ends up as.

The colorful location in all right here is the sixth ranger, Orion. His debut episode is surprisingly solid and he gets to possess some actual personality moments. With a tragic reduction-story along with some wacky misunderstandings of Earth, he repeatedly brings a smile to my face.

21. Energy Rangers Mystic Force

I am hoping you worship the Crimson Ranger. No truly, I REALLY hope you worship the Crimson Ranger, on sage of Cut takes up nearly all of the focal level of Mystic Force and leaves subsequent to nothing for the rest. Even episodes about other characters by hook or by crook change into about Cut and his blanket of angst. Which is unhappy, on sage of there became rather a pair of doable within the characters and even the facet solid (care for you, Toby!)

While the season begins off okay, it descends into nonsense by the stop with a badly rushed closing arc.

20. Energy Rangers Dino Agreeable Imprint

While this season started off sturdy (anytime you’ve James Gaylyn you rep a bump in my ebook) it lickety-split took a nostril dive after Tyler’s dad became launched. The total forward momentum the season had been develop ground to a stop. Build arcs stopped dull. The sequence ran in save unless essentially the most baffling finale within the sequence history. 

Even with the stylish plots the solid truly did shine and Mosey abruptly emerged as the personality with essentially the most pattern. Plus Tyler and in particular Ivan’s lowkey jokes saved some otherwise forgettable episodes.

Dino Agreeable Imprint on a complete became rather a pair of wasted doable, which is a shame when Dino Imprint had apparently location everything up so smartly.

19. Mighty Morphin Energy Rangers Season 2

The originate up of the season aspects, “Lacking Green” which is one amongst the few early MMPR episodes to actually dive deep right into a characters psychology and play with continuity.

But the 2d the sequence loses Jason, Zack, and Trini? It spirals into absurdity. Having to jot down three Rangers out and bring three fresh ones in is handled as easiest they would possibly per chance possibly, but it undoubtedly doesn’t make for precise television. “The Ninja Arrive upon” is a mess and while the season is ready to get better by the stop, that heart is true easy disturbing to glance. But it undoubtedly did give us badly dubbed Jason and that undoubtedly is a reward.

18: Energy Rangers Wild Force

Wild Force is a season that while basically bland, is bolstered by a pair of fantastic aspects. In actual fact you’ve obtained the team-united stateswith Time Force and legendary ‘Forever Crimson’ but you would possibly per chance possibly possibly’t neglect the villains. Master Org, Jindrax, and Toxica. The latter two’s relationship is what truly helps retain this season together and Master’s backstory is fairly damn brutal for Energy Rangers.

The Rangers though? I suggest, I possess rather a pair of care for for Danny and Max’s first focal level episode, but on a complete the Rangers never left noteworthy of an affect and the plots didn’t attain anything to motivate that.

17. Energy Rangers SPD

While its premieres is extremely sturdy, as the season goes on SPD fails to instruct. After the essential ten or so episodes, the sequence loses all of its forward momentum and as an different runs in save with characters studying the identical lessons over and true being dicks to every other. 

A few of this will most likely be save aside whilst you learn on the amount of care for save on show camouflage by Executive Producer Greg Aronowitz and the solid’s stellar portrayals. It is now not relevant what else you yelp in regards to the season, it seems to be to be like amazing.

16. Energy Rangers Jungle Fury

There’s one reason this season manages to make it in direction of the heart of the checklist and that’s all down to the person, the delusion, the possibly high pizza slinger, RJ. Whether or now not it’s his unconventional wisdom, “The following day, on the present time shall be… the day before on the present time. I repeatedly take to leave my opponents with a confusing concept,” his shrimp hand jives, or the relationship along with his father. David de Lautour brings his A sport to the objective and creates one amongst essentially the most memorable Rangers ever.

You’ve additionally obtained the US strange Spirit Rangers and the hilarious draw the Rangers wail all of their fight dialogue. The show sadly sags within the heart due to the the Writers Strike but 2d-to-closing episode ‘Route of the Devoted’ is one amongst the franchise’s strongest.

15. Mighty Morphin Energy Rangers Season 1

It is doubtless you’ll per chance possibly possibly’t rep extra fundamental than Mighty Morphin Energy Rangers season 1. There’s a definite attraction within the simplicity of what became in most cases Saved By The Bell with superheroes. Obvious you had the “Green With Corrupt” mini-sequence that sticks in other folks’s minds, but you additionally had comedy masterpieces worship, “An Oyster Stew.”

The season became ready to soar from the drama of a large gold monkey stop to killing some bullies (it’s dramatic for Energy Rangers, okay?) to a giant pig monster bright everything at a food competition. Will possess to you imagine about that? Season 1 is extra or much less elegant. No longer to direct it’s all-helpful, some episodes worship, “The Yolk’s On You” are forgettable, but it undoubtedly’s a fun mosey regardless. Appropriate don’t let your nostalgia cloud the very fact that the season isn’t helpful.

13/14. Energy Rangers Beast Morphers Seasons 1 and 2

Beast Morphers is the rare season(s) which aspects multi-season team-united statesthat aren’t wholly outlined by them. This says plenty, inquisitive about it now not easiest manages to objective team-united stateswith Jason from MMPR and much of the Dino Imprint solid but additionally goes the additional mile and within the extinguish provides us some closure to the RPM cliffhanger finale after eleven years! Every other season would fight to possess its possess state stand out amidst these sizable occasions but Beast Morphers true manages it.

The characters are on the full fairly precise and most of them rep several chances to shine, most of all Metal who without distress steals the highlight in most episodes after his debut. There’s additionally the bonkers ‘It’s Agreeable to be Human’ musical section, which, after 25 years, proves Energy Rangers can restful shock you. The season total is distress by now not residing up to its elephantine doable, with characters worship the human Blaze severely underdeveloped and the state usually working in save. Light, there’s plenty to worship right here it undoubtedly labored as a originate up to the “Hasbro Abilities” of the franchise.

12. Energy Rangers Lost Galaxy

Lost Galaxy has so many high aspects. The premiere, the arc undoubtedly location within the Lost Galaxy, the in-House team-up, the Magna Defender’s tune, the sage finale, and the return of Karone!

Then it’s obtained the low aspects. The Lights of Orion arc is inane and is now not realistic, even by Energy Rangers requirements. How would possibly per chance possibly the Lights be hidden in an stylish camera?! How became Terra Mission ready to scoop up an ACTIVE VOLCANO? When did they hollowed out Angel Grove lake? I restful want solutions!

11. Energy Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Lightspeed Rescue has solid characters, solid plots, and damn precise villains. It’s cliché to yelp, but the standout element of the season have to be the essential American strange Ranger, The Titanium Ranger, played by Rhett Fisher. His storyline is draw too transient but culminates in him battling the manifestation of a snake tattoo that became about to assassinate him.

Oh Energy Rangers, I’m able to never hate you once I rep to jot down sentences worship that.

10. Energy Rangers Dino Imprint

While Dino Imprint became breath of unique air on the time of its airing, in retrospect its hampered by Dino Agreeable Imprint now not following up on the total groundwork it had been laying. The episodes are restful fun but they don’t truly drag wherever.

Dino Imprint is a in point of fact comely glance despite all that, with taking part and uncommon characters that had been given fun episodes to work with. The introduction of Ivan became especially smartly handled and he’s a contender for being my favourite Ranger of all time. Plus, never neglect Tyler and his VR Troopers model daddy points!

9. Energy Rangers Dino Fury Season 1

Beast Morphers pulled off some broad nods to the past but Dino Fury is the essential season in a long time to successfully make it feel worship Energy Rangers is half of a actual shared universe all over again. From the Morphin Masters showing up within the premiere to backfilling minute print on the Morphin Grid, Dino Fury has been a precise care for letter to the franchises continuity.

But a season can’t continue to exist on deep lore by myself and Dino Fury has executed one hell of a job telling a fun and though-provoking story with memorable characters. Zayto especially is a relentless pleasure and Izzy made history as the essential openly strange Ranger within the TV show’s history (and she or he’s a nice wanting personality on top of that!) Stand-by myself plots fantastically dovetail with long working arcs and with Season 2 heading for Netflix we are able to’t wait to learn what other wonders Dino Fury has in store for us.

8. Energy Rangers Ninja Storm

I admit, I care for me some wacky. If I wished to glance my superheroes be darkish and gritty? I wouldn’t be observing superhero stories; I’d be observing Broad Slight Lies. So when a season worship Ninja Storm comes along I steal into consideration it a reward on sage of it goes complete hog with the comedy.

We’ve obtained adrenaline sports junkies as our main solid and while they invent the laughs, they’re additionally ready to take care of the heartfelt moments no bellow. The finest examples being the introduction of Cam as the Green Samurai Ranger or Dustin being tricked by Marah into believing she’s precise. The comedy of the sequence makes these moments stand out and elevate it a long way above the save followers on the total steal into consideration the season to unsightly.

7. Energy Rangers Time Force

You know, with a pair of tweaks this season would were helpful as a form of other syndicated TV shows that had been in all places within the leisurely ’90s. It’s obtained the total silly aspects but it undoubtedly additionally has some damn comely storytelling. Wes dealing along with his possess destiny and Eric’s enrage directed squarely at Wes for now not appreciating everything handed to him.

The sci-fi aspects are sturdy, with the essential villain being a made of genetic engineering, and time streak as the driving force of the season. It’s true a shame Lucas, Katie and Day out never rep ample focal level.

6. Energy Rangers Turbo

Invent you hear that? It’s the sound of followers crying within the gap. Watch, I rep it. Turbo fairly noteworthy abandoned all of the arena building Zeo did. It launched Justin who gets draw extra flack then he truly deserves. It even had a theme of flee autos. While I agree it had a VERY rocky originate up, once Tommy and the gang leave and we are launched to TJ and firm the show takes a quantum soar forward in quality.

Turbo embraces the silly in ways even Ninja Storm never would possibly per chance possibly. It aspects now not easiest the finest episode in PR history, “Anguish By The Nick” but… No undoubtedly, that’s all I want. That episode says all of it. The Rangers fight a pizza monster that turns their autos unsightly with… EVIL PIZZAS. If easiest the full season became worship the 2d half of, this will most likely most likely be amount one. Slight doubt. Plus, TJ is the finest Ranger of all time. No argument.

5. Mighty Morphin Energy Rangers Season 3

You’ve obtained to worship a season that true shatters the placement quo left and honest while additionally performing some solid world building. When other folks endure in mind MMPR being amazing? This is what they needs to be pondering of.

Mighty Morphin Energy Rangers season three begins off with one amongst the finest multi parters within the sequence history, “A Friend in Need,” constructing the Masked Rider whisk-off and opening up the Energy Rangers universe to smartly… the universe. After that we now possess a ton of mini sequence that write Kimberly out, instruct in Kat, give us a complete fresh lickety-split of Zords, and a fresh team of Rangers!

The season is what become Energy Rangers from “’90s pop-culture relic” into something that would possibly per chance possibly originate up to present its possess fanbase.

4. Energy Rangers RPM

What attain you attain when your show is on the level of cancellation? In RPM’s case, you drag all out. Location in a put up apocalyptic world but restful having a precise sense of fun (it’s now not darkish and gritty, I promise) RPM stands out for one of the most finest personality work within the sequence history.

No extra is that this exemplified than in Physician Ample, the team’s mentor. From being locked up in a authorities mediate tank as a young child to facing the guilt of ending the arena it’s refined stuff. This is balanced out by the wacky antics of Green Ranger, Ziggy, and the pyrotechnic loving Gold and Silver Rangers, Gem and Gemma. Infrequently the sequence felt worship it became searching for to shed its Energy Rangers identity, but it undoubtedly ends on one amongst essentially the most PR model endings you would possibly per chance possibly possibly ever possess.

3. Energy Rangers In House

MMPR season 3 opened up the show’s universe and In House explored it, actually. Carrying over most of 2d half of Turbo’s solid, the show became ready to hit the bottom working with some actual weight and gravitas. Oh yeah, and our fresh Crimson Ranger doesn’t know how you would possibly per chance possibly possibly bask in a banana. It’s the shrimp touches that make me care for a season.

We even rep a team up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The show keeps building on itself with spectacular twists and turns. When the secret of Andros’ sister is revealed the show truly kicks it into high instruments. The finest actual blemish on the season is the inane Psycho Ranger arc, which has some wintry moments but is true killing time. On the full though, In House is a triumph for Energy Rangers.

2. Energy Rangers Zeo

Dubbed Mighty Morphin Energy Rangers season 4 by some followers, Zeo truly is the fruits of the old three. It restful has wacky plots of the day but it undoubtedly begins to make these characters we’ve spent so long with and does a ton of genius world building. And you’ve obtained extinct villains Zedd and Rita utilizing across the universe in a camper! Most efficient in Energy Rangers.

Zeo additionally introduces the Gold Ranger, on the origin voiced to perfection by Brad Hawkins, within the extinguish turning into authentic MMPR Crimson Ranger, Jason. The episode the save the Gold Ranger debuts is a murals work.

1. Energy Rangers Dino Bid

It’s worship if MMPR became undoubtedly as precise as you endure in mind it being! Dino Bid takes the sequence reduction to highschool and provides us now not easiest fabulous characters but ones with actual bellow over the season. As an instance, Crimson Ranger Conner begins off as a sexist asshole but slowly learns to now not easiest take care of all individuals with admire but additionally that being a dick to ladies doesn’t work. This isn’t true crushed into us by draw of the dialogue; it’s subtly shown in episodes that don’t even focal level on Conner. That’s the wonder of Dino Bid; it’s repeatedly doing something with every the essential and facet characters.

While the show does stumble in a pair of areas (allow us to never neglect Smitty) it’s restful the finest Energy Rangers has to give. The villains, especially Mesogog, would possibly per chance possibly be essentially frightening. The plots restful possess rather a pair of wackyness. We even rep an episode completely devoted to showing off the authentic SentaiDino Bid is what all seasons can possess to restful strive to be. I’m now not asserting they needs to be precisely worship it, but the time and care save into it? The personality work? The fun? This is what Energy Rangers needs to be.

So what attain you skinny, followers? Invent you compromise with my checklist? Disagree? Well let me know within the feedback the manner you would possibly per chance possibly unsightly all of the seasons of Energy Rangers. I know every fan has radically rather a pair of views of the show so I’d take to hear what you imagine.

This article first ran in 2015. It has been updated with fresh data since then.

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