Snyder’s Justice League Almost Accidentally Included One Whedon Reshoot Line


Zack Snyder’s Justice League’s editors reveal that Snyder’s cut almost included an ADR line from director Joss Whedon’s theatrical cut.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League’s editors reveal that Snyder’s cut almost included a line from Joss Whedon’s reshoots. Following Snyder’s post-production departure from Justice League in 2017, Whedon (The Avengers) revamped and reshot much of his predecessor’s footage; trimming the film to 2 hours and 20 minutes to appease the studio. “Josstice League” backlash resulted in the #ReleaseTheSynderCut moment — which has succeeded in bringing the 4-hour Snyder Cut to HBO Max. With a cohesive narrative that better develops its characters and lays the groundwork for the Snyder-Verse, Snyder’s Justice League is universally hailed as superior to the theatrical cut.

In Man of Steel (2013) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), he’s portrayed as a brooding Kryptonian, darker and more violent than his cinematic predecessors — a misunderstood God (of sorts) conflicted about his role as a protector of humanity. While the broad strokes of Superman’s narrative are the same — he’s revived by his cohorts and rediscovers his identity in time for the final battle — his and Lois Lane’s (whose mourning is largely absent in Josstice League) arcs fall flat due to Pet Sematary references, and other cringe-worthy dialogue. Josstice League’s use of Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent/Superman is one of its many misfires.

During an appearance on The Rough Cut Podcast, editors David Brenner ACE, Dody Dorn ACE, and Carlos Castillón revealed that Whedon’s now-infamous “you smell good” line (which was dubbed over footage of Clark and Lois on the farm) was almost included in Snyder’s Justice League. Apparently, one of the mixers accidentally pulled over ADR from the theatrical cut when working on Snyder’s. Thankfully, producer Deborah Snyder caught it on one of the final (final final) reviews of the film and said, “[Lois] shouldn’t be saying that! It doesn’t matter how he smells!

In 2017, you probably weren’t the only one to roll your eyes at Lois’ nonsensical fascination with how good her recently-resurrected boyfriend smelt. In Snyder’s Justice League, the original dialogue is restored; instead of “you smell good,” Lois says, “you spoke,” to which Clark replies (in both versions), “did I not before?” Perhaps to put his signature on the film or imitate a Marvel-esque tone, the scene at the Kent farm is riddled with forced Whedon humor, making light of a heartfelt and, arguably, very serious scene. For example, Clark also refuses to enter the house because he doesn’t want to be trapped inside another wooden box and claims to feel “itchy.”

Lois, Clark, and Martha Kent’s reunion in Zack Snyder’s Justice League feels more natural. In his resurrection stupor, “Kal-El” is void of his Earthly identity as Clark and, thusly, Superman. It isn’t until he sees Lois that his former life comes flooding back; a confused Kal-El then visits the Kent Farm and notices things like Lois’ engagement ring — two symbolic cornerstones of Clark’s life. By the time Martha shows up, and the trio enjoys a group hug, Superman has truly been resurrected. Undercutting such a pivotal sequence via uncharacteristic lines like “you smell good” derails the tone and negates any emotional payoff.

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