The 29 Hottest Heirs To Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram-Model-Of-The-Moment Throne

The 29 Hottest Heirs To Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram-Model-Of-The-Moment Throne

The 29 Hottest Heirs To Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram-Model-Of-The-Moment Throne

The ladies looking to dethrone @emrata for the title of Instagram’s most in-demand model

1. Josephine Skriver

Fun fact: Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver has 172 abdominal muscles.

2. Aïssata Diallo

Manchester City-supporting model Aïssata Diallo has 82 thousand Instagram followers, meaning at least 30 thousand wouldn’t fit inside the Etihad if she turned up. Makes you think.

3. Cindy Kimberly

@wolfiecindy is a Dutch artist and model with over 4 million Instagram followers. You have a lot in common, is what we’re saying.

4. Audreyana Michelle

540k Instagram followers makes model Audreyana Michelle a relative small-fry on this list – which is a bit disorientating, isn’t it? That’s about 15 Championship-quality stadiums. Over 1000 jumbo jets. Feeling light-headed? Go on, have a quick lie down. It’s okay. Everything is okay.

5. Megan Williams

The London-born Victoria’s Secret model is the current face of GUESS. Exciting trivia fact: she once lived in Guernsey.

6. Lisa-Marie

From Cape Town to California, by way of Sports Illustrated photo shoots and Instagram fame. Kind of trumps your 7.23am commute from Beckton, doesn’t it?

7. Camila Morrone

Not only does @camimorrone boast 1.1 million followers, but the 20-year-old Argentine actress is rumoured to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest model girlfriend.

And good luck to them! 638th time’s a charm.

8. Gabby Westbrook

Australian model @gabbywestbrook.

9. Madi Edwards

Australia might have approximately 3,823 types of animals intent on ending human life for the hell of it… but it also has @madi_edwards, which balances everything out really.

10. Jocelyn Chew

@jocelyn is an Icelandic/Chinese/Canadian model aaaand all of a sudden we’re feeling pretty boring.

11. Devin Brugman

Model and swimwear designer @devinbrugman has the kind of Instagram feed to really make you take a long hard look out of the window on a drizzly Monday.

We’re happy for her, though… of course.

12. Charlie Austin

No, not Charlie Austin, the Southampton striker with ankles made out of biscuits, but charlie_austin, your latest Instagram follow.

13. Caroline Kelley

@carolineannkelley is a model who likes surfing French bulldogs and wearing a bikini 345 days of the year.

14. Anna Herrin

@annaherrin surfs and does yoga and smiles a lot and just generally looks like she’s having a real good time in life. Fortunately for us she’s kind enough to capture it all and share it on Le ‘Gram.

15. Ashley Sky

@ashleysky is an American model who splits her time between London and NYC. Beyond that we can only assume that she’s kind to her mum and holds the door open for strangers.

16. Elizabeth Sawatzky

It’s a well-documented fact that Emily Ratajkowski loves coffee, and so does @elizabethrsawatzky!

17. Spooky.

Beatriz Fernandez

Spanish model @beatrizfernandezgar is a low-key selfie queen… the best kind.

18. Erika Wheaton

Aside from this photo, there’s nothing shady about @erikawheaton.

19. Galinka Mirgaeva

@mirgaeva_galinka is, followers-wise, the closest to @emrata in this list. Scroll through her feed for a bit (not too long, that’s weird) and it’s not difficult to see why.

20. Gemma Vence

You might have already seen @gemmavence as a regular fixture for Guess Jeans’ campaigns. Consider this a formal introduction.

Well, sort of… because you haven’t actually met her.

21. Jessica Raemy

The white hot @jessielaureen’s insta feed is one nice long holiday. One that is absolutely not in Tenerife.

22. Julia Evans

Grenadian Canadian (say it a few times, it’s fun) model @julesevans is the kind of girl-next-door that no one actually lives next door to.

23. Elizabeth Turner

Here’s @elizabethcturner providing a seminal display of the staring-off-thoughtfully-into-the-distance-and-I-definitely-didn’t-ask-my-friend-to-take-this-photo pose.

Why can’t ours ever come out so well?

24. Mathild Tantot

Nothing to see here, just French beauty @mathildtantot artfully snacking on a burger.

25. Melody Le

This is not the cover art for @melodyle’s debut album.

26. Raven Lyn

@theravenlyn is that cool girl at the party who’s probably also really good at art and singing and wearing dungarees.

27. Sarah Stephens

@sarahstephens7 is a British model making it big in America. She also voted Remain, in case you were worried.

28. Cindy Mello

Brazilian model @cindymello is a rising star who knows how to get Instagram moderators hot under the collar with this MS Paint take on #FreeTheNipple.

29. Emily Ratajkowski

Don’t worry (because we’re sure you were really quite concerned), @emrata – you’re still numero uno.

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