The 8 Best Strong Colognes To Add to Your Rotation

The 8 Best Strong Colognes To Add to Your Rotation

The 8 Best Strong Colognes To Add to Your Rotation

If your house setup is something like mine, the air in your home might be starting to style a bit of stale lately, and a candy, candy hit of some new scent may be precisely what you want. If spritzing some deodorant round the home (determined instances, man!) feels a bit of too apocalyptic, a stable cologne is a stable (sorry) various to the dusty bottle of spray-on you have been eking the final drop out of for months on finish. Strong colognes have a tendency to supply a longer-lasting scent and are extraordinarily concentrated, so apply sparingly. Much less is extra. You wish to keep away from smelling such as you walked out of the flagship retailer of any given teen-interest model within the early aughts, proper? Proper.

Strong colognes additionally have a tendency to include way more pure substances than their spray-on counterparts, so should you’re the kind of shopper that cares about things like avoiding dangerous chemicals and/or different doubtlessly funky stuff (read: the kind of shopper we should always all attempt to be) there are greater than sufficient choices to select from. Plus, on the off likelihood any of us can ever journey once more, their actually stable composition means you will waltz by way of TSA with no second thought.

To use, merely scoop a small dollop of cologne onto your fingertip and rub it in by the identical pulse factors (the wrist, or behind the ears) you’d apply a typical spray. In the event you’re intrigued however at a loss as to the place to search out the appropriate sort for you, fret not: I rounded-up a few of the greatest choices out there proper now, so that you (and your house) can discover the brand new signature scent you so desperately want. Keep strong, man.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Solid Scent


Jo Malone’s solid cologne option has a light texture that’s smooth to the touch but offers a rich scent infused with hints of citrus and herbs.

Oak Barrel Solid Cologne


If you’re looking for a solid cologne chock full of natural ingredients that make a bit of a statement look no further. Duke Cannon’s signature cologne comes in a few different fragrances, but its Oak Barrel option boasts an unmistakable smoky bourbon smell that’s strong but far from overpowering.

The Gambler Solid Cologne


Outlaw’s scents might skew towards the decidedly masculine, but the brand tempers its small-batch solid colognes (all made in the USA) with subtle, slightly unexpected accents. This fragrance includes the requisite hints of bourbon, but also includes notes of

old-fashioned tobacco, and a little leather (!) to spice things up.

The Gentleman Solid Cologne


Walton Woods makes alcohol-free, hand-crafted solid colognes with a 100% natural base and scents that tend towards the understated. This one features hints of luscious citrus and rich mahogany.

Philosykos Solid Perfume


If you’re a fan of Diptyque’s signature scented candles, it’s solid perfume (yes, perfume!) delivers on all the good smells you’ve become accustomed to, now exclusively for your own personal use. The brand’s Philosykos scent is inspired by a specific type of fig tree that grows in Greece throughout the summer, and features fruity notes of (you guessed it) fig tree leaf, fig tree wood, and fig sap.



Fulton & Roark’s Mahana cologne is inspired by a long hike through the Southern-most point of the Big Island of Hawaii, and smells as good as it sounds. The crisp scent features notes of pomelo, coriander, and dewy greenery, and feels remarkably fresh, painting a vivid olfactory picture of the scenery behind the smell.

Drifter Men’s Solid Cologne


Ulio & Jack makes their solid cologne with jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax, and mixes in a sweet blend of cardamom, mandarin, and subtle undertones of sandalwood and clove for good measure.

‘Fleur d’Oranger 27’ Solid Perfume


If you’re on the fence about switching over to a solid cologne, let the team over at Le Labo convince you. Sure, this might technically be called a perfume, but this alcohol-free, citrus-infused scent (with notes of bergamot and musk) is still masculine as all hell and features a soft texture perfect for any skin type.

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