The best TV show websites

The best TV show websites — ”30 Rock,” ”The Simpsons,” and ”Ugly Betty” make our list

The best TV show websites

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30 Rock

Every week, when 30 Rock ends, do you want to keep laughing but feel lame just rewatching the same episode? Lameness solved: Get more from TV’s funniest show on TV’s funniest website. There are plenty of video extras from Jack McBrayer’s Kenneth the Page (his exercise tips are particularly brilliant) and Tina Fey (in a Q&A, she tells how her ”feminist ideals” influence Liz Lemon’s character. Hint: Four boobs and sex slavery in Dubai come into play). All that and a mock blog from writer Frank (Judah Friedlander) will ensure you’ll never have to rewind again.

The Simpsons

I was skeptical about the site’s standout 20 Q game, which claims it can guess what Simpsons character you have in mind. But sure enough, after queries like ”Are you a wimp?” and ”Does your hair stand up straight?” it knew I was thinking of Itchy…and it only took 17 questions. Hell, I couldn’t even stump it with one-line wonder Sideshow Raheem! Oooh, that’s good guessing.

Grey’s Anatomy

Sometimes a hypochondriac wants a break from WebMD. Luckily, the Grey’s website offers ”medical trivia” with fun facts about disorders like ”Body Integrity Identity Disorder.” And for a look into the Seattle Grace staff’s heart problems, check out the writers’ blog for great insight.

Saturday Night Live

There’s a lot to know about this 33-year-old show, and the website doesn’t disappoint. The interactive timeline, collection of fake commercials, and backstage interviews give a great overview of the show’s past and present. One quibble: If only Fred Armisen’s blog weren’t so damn earnest. Yeah, yeah, he doesn’t take ”moments for granted.” Can you imagine John Belushi being so touchy-feely?

Ugly Betty

Over-the-top supporting characters work best in small doses, which is why you don’t see Marc and Amanda dominating the show. But online? The more, the better, and Michael Urie and Becki Newton’s podcasts are fabulous. Listening to them makes you feel like you’ve got the best seat at Mode. And you don’t even need to throw up your lunch!

The Office

There are plenty of gems here, including deleted scenes and a copy of Dwight’s power-mad ”Organization Chart” from the May 1 episode. But one of the funniest features is ”Adventures With Angela,” which chronicles the cast’s response to Angela Kinsey’s real-life pregnancy. (She gave birth May 5.) Advising the future mother about how to dress her future daughter, Mindy Kaling cautions, ”No, like, overalls.”

Dancing With the Stars

Admit it: You’ve stood in front of your mirror, channeling your inner D-list star, and attempted some of those moves. If you looked like Steve Guttenberg on a bad day, tune in to judge Carrie Ann Inaba and a couple of pros for online video dance lessons. I dream of tangoing with last season’s Maksim Chmerkovskiy, so learning from his peers will guarantee that I’m ready when it happens.


The entertaining ”Life at Ponderosa” series shows life at the jury-member retreat, and watching the recently voted-out players gorge on food and regret is delicious. (Ozzy’s lingering disbelief over his blindside is a highlight.) Debits for the obnoxiously long shots of products by segment sponsors Herbal Essences and Crest: Must you have all the money, Mark Burnett?

Episode Recaps

30 Rock

30 Rock

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan star in the Emmy-winning comedy. You want to go to there.

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