The Funniest Memes about the Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear Plushies

Animal Crossing and the Build-A-Bear Workshop let down a bunch of fans today who were excitedly awaiting their new joint line of plushies when they unveiled that it was only Tom Nook and Isabelle.

Despite Nintendo announcing yesterday that fans could pick these new plushies up today, the company neglected to mention what characters would make the cut, which led many to hope that their favorite villagers and islanders would be available. Unfortunately, once people cleared the very long queue that formed hours ago, they found that only the games’ mascots were available to buy. Twitter did not handle the news well.

Luckily, Twitter has a knack for turning disappointment into something to laugh at though, so here’s just some of how people are feeling about the news. Here’s a hint: like absolute clowns.

insert Godfather music Build-a-Bear, you come to me, on this tuesday morning, with just isabelle and tom nook plushies to show for yourself? where’s the respect? where’sceleste? where’s mr slider? i’m hurt. you’ve hurt me. you’ve done a great disrespect to me and my family.

— boogr (@vestagirlfriend) April 6, 2021

Don’t hmu, the build a bear collab with animal crossing only features Isabelle and Tom nook out of the 400 other npc’s and villagers

— (@lyingsins) April 6, 2021

tom nook and isabelle after seeing how disappointed everyone is to see them

— giia (@giiacrossing) April 6, 2021

ur tellin me I got to work early to prep for the build-a-bear x animal crossing drop just to see it’s only tom nook and isabelle?!????!!!

— alli (@allisonocamp) April 6, 2021

me after finding out it’s just tom and isabelle on the build a bear website:

— brenda luu (@averagearthoe) April 6, 2021

me hoping that they only only put Tom and Isabelle in the photo but that there will be others in the release

— han? (@acnh__twinpeaks) April 6, 2021

animal crossing fans after queueing up for the build a bear launch only to see its just tom nook and isabelle

— the chad mary (@gothbabys) April 6, 2021

can’t believe i genuinely thought the animal crossing x build-a-bear was gonna be a load of cute villagers like marshall n it ended up just being tom nook and isabelle

— gee (@geehartley9) April 6, 2021

Animal crossing fans waiting in the build a bear queue expecting characters other than isabelle and nook

— Beebs @ BBS (@beebiss_) April 6, 2021

bitches speculating which animal crossing npcs and/or villagers would be in the build a bear collection when it ended up being just tom nook and isabelle (it’s me, i’m bitches)

— benji (@irl_catboie) April 6, 2021

This is literally the face imma make when i find out its JUST ISABELLE AND TOM NOOK

— Mayor Sour_Lux (@sour_lux) April 6, 2021

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