The Funniest Tweets about the Facebook and Instagram Outages

Bad news: Facebook and Instagram are both back online. For most of today, those two social media networks (along with the messaging service WhatsApp) were down. Rumors swirled that they were the victim of a major targeted attack, with some sites reporting that vital parts of their code were deleted. So for a while today it seemed like Facebook was maybe gone for good—or at least for an extended period of time. But nope, it’s back, maybe six or seven hours after it first disappeared. Bummer!

We might not be free from the shackles of social media—our productivity and attention spans might still be at risk, and our relatives and almost forgotten high school friends might once again be able to fill their minds with unhealthy and racist nonsense—but at least for a few hours we saw what the world could be like. It mostly looks like Twitter. Because everybody just went over to Twitter for a few hours.

At least some of them told some pretty good jokes about the whole thing over on Twitter. Here are our favorites, the funniest tweets about today’s Facebook and Instagram outages. Dig ‘em, follow everybody who wrote ‘em, and maybe, if we’re lucky, social media will crap itself out again sometime soon—and for a longer period of time.

I just talked to Mark Zuckerberg and he tells me Facebook “is done.” Didn’t feel like doing it anymore apparently it was eating up a lot of his time.

— ‘Weird Alex’ Pareene (@pareene) October 4, 2021

with instagram down, influencers are going to have to go door to door making teenage girls feel like shit about themselves

— Erin Amok Amok Amok Ryan (@morninggloria) October 4, 2021

where will people post screenshots of tweets now

— it’s soup time (@InternetHippo) October 4, 2021

more like The Social Notwork

— Allen Strickland Williams (@TotallyAllen) October 4, 2021

According to Facebook, the only way to fix the FB outage is to cover its servers in horse paste.

— Kashana (@kashanacauley) October 4, 2021

if facebook is down where will I get medical advice from a man sitting in a truck

— Fred Delicious (@Fred_Delicious) October 4, 2021

lot of top tier vaccine scientists going to have a tough time with their independent research now that facebook is down

— Dana Schwartz (@DanaSchwartzzz) October 4, 2021

With Instagram down a lot of people must be walking around trying to get people to only look at them from a 40% down angle in person

— Mark Agee (@MarkAgee) October 4, 2021

Facebook died because it took advice from Facebook

— Jess Dweck (@TheDweck) October 4, 2021

First, they came for the websites, and I made jokes on the other websites, so it was fine

— donni saphire (@donni) October 4, 2021

I work at Facebook. I’m so sorry

— pj evans (@pjayevans) October 4, 2021

Is anyone else having trouble getting Quibi to load today

— Jesse Hawken (@jessehawken) October 4, 2021

Yeah but, if Instagram is down, who’s gonna constantly try to convince me that my life would be better with lip injections?

— Vanessa Ramos (@thatRamosgirl) October 4, 2021

All you Facebook users whining and moaning about not being able to post well guess what MY president Donald Trump has to feel this pain and emptiness every day

— Hutch (@hutchinson) October 4, 2021

oh instagram is down? sorry I didnt notice. because of books

— broti gupta (@BrotiGupta) October 4, 2021

sources tell gizmodo that mark zuckerberg has made one facebook employee after another put on goggles and jump into the big shaft with all the servers in it

— Tom McKay, the Owner of Ozy (@thetomzone) October 4, 2021

My understanding is that Facebook and Instagram are kept on the same giant computer, whereas Twitter is housed in a different giant computer.

— Daniel Kibblesmith (@kibblesmith) October 4, 2021

Instagram’s down so I’m sittin’ on about 30 tankini selfies with nowhere to put that alluring shit. SMDH.

— George Wallace (@MrGeorgeWallace) October 4, 2021

Since Facebook went down, my aunt has stopped by my house four different times to hand me a printout of a poorly photoshopped meme created by her local radio station.

— Jeff (@usedwigs) October 4, 2021

With Facebook and Instagram down, everyone is getting a taste of what it was like pre-2000 when the only thing you could do at work was your job. It sucked.

— Julius Sharpe (@juliussharpe) October 4, 2021

Looks like Facebook finally crashed from everyone doing their own covid research.

— Travon Free (@Travon) October 4, 2021

instagram still down im posting ass on the turbo tax app

— eric curtin (@dubstep4dads) October 4, 2021


— Alex Blagg (@alexblagg) October 4, 2021

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