The ‘Sexy Gandalf’ Woman Explains What Her Costume Was Really About

The 'Sexy Gandalf' Woman Explains What Her Costume Was Really About

The ‘Sexy Gandalf’ Woman Explains What Her Costume Was Really About

Add the “sexy” prefix to something and it inexplicably turns into a Halloween costume. Within the final month we have seen the likes of “Sexy Pizza Rat” and “Sexy Donald Trump,” each of that are 100 p.c critical “sexy” costumes that Womans can buy on-line. The “Sexy X Factor” building has been a mainstay on school campuses for the previous twenty years (at the least), and it is solely gotten worse. As we head into yet one more Halloween, at the least one Woman is stepping as much as level out the absurdity of the entire thing: an Australian 18-year-old generally known as “Sexy Gandalf.”

At present ending her previous couple of days of highschool, Tjitske Van Vark has turn into not simply domestically in style however Web well-known. There is a custom in Australian faculties referred to as Muck-Up Day, the place exiting seniors gown up and pull innocent pranks. As an alternative of renting a “mass-produced” costume like a lot of her friends, Van Vark made one herself. With a wig and a gown and a faux beard, Van Vark wished to be her favourite Lord of the Rings character, however she thought it could be funnier to take it a step additional and slap some “stereotypically ‘sexy legs’ on one thing unquestionably unsexy,” she advised in an e-mail interview.

That day in school was pretty regular–her lecturers and classmates (although many have been hungover, she says) thought it was a humorous twist on each Gandalf and the entire sexy costume factor. However when she posted the images of herself on Tumblr, they went viral. The put up rapidly netted greater than 125,000 notes and stored spreading. She’s appeared on media retailers internationally–in England, the USA, France, Canada, and the Netherlands. Her picture–in a beard and gown, with one stockinged leg protruding–has ricocheted across the internet.

“Whereas I did not sit down and suppose in depth in regards to the social commentary this informal costume would possibly give, it was and nonetheless can be a delicate play on the way in which the media and mass-produced costumes geared toward Womans will sexualize all the pieces and something we as Womans do,” Van Vark stated. “Whether or not that is a policewoman or a nurse; fishnets and heels can be cheaply and boringly slapped on to create the subsequent new Halloween costume, undermining Womans in that discipline and turning their careers, race or tradition into a brand new objectifying sexy Halloween costume.”

That is the true viral energy of “Sexy Gandalf.” It is humorous. It is sensible. And it sends a message: we should always think about the costumes we placed on, like we think about what we placed on the opposite 364 days a yr.

We have spent the previous couple of weeks stating a number of the worst costumes rising this Halloween. There was the aforementioned “Sexy Pizza Rat” and “Sexy Donald Trump.” However we have additionally seen that offensive Caitlyn Jenner costume and the El Chapo costume (that is most likely not a good suggestion to put on) and the simply plain silly Cecil the Lion Killer costume. Moreover these items being unfunny and never inventive, they are often degrading, as Van Vark famous and so eloquently costume-ized with “Sexy Gandalf.” Certain, Halloween is at some point, and, sure, it is purported to be enjoyable, however after we do these items year-after-year-after-year, they turn into custom. One doesn’t merely change our tradition by doing nothing. These costumes shall not cross!

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