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The Best ’80s Movies on Netflix

For the full damage that used to be completed in the 1980s from deregulation to the drug wars, the last decade did bring the age of the blockbuster, and several of its most tremendous...

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‘We Need to Talk About Cosby.’ (Among Others.)

Critic’s Notebook W. Kamau Bell’s documentary series is a mannequin of programs to take honestly with disgraced artists and their art work. In his Showtime documentary series “We Wish to Talk About Cosby,” W....

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Nick Offerman Endorses Lumberjack Boots and ’80s Funk

Television|Chop Offerman Endorses Lumberjack Boots and ’80s Funk My Ten Before the debut of his contemporary advice column, “Donkey Solutions,” the actor discusses the virtues of Laurie Anderson’s song and elevating your comprise...